Dear Humans (December 1, 2017)

The sun is rising. It's only a little after 6 a.m. The warmth indoors shields from the the chill on the windows, frost on the ground. The trees are still in silhouette.

Good Morning World! Are you awake? 

What are you waking up to today? I made the mistake of looking at a bunch of social media on my phone first thing, only for like 10 minutes, and still felt a twinge of "oh look at what everyone else is accomplishing". I allowed myself to let go of a little of my happiness because of something that's not real. The not real part = my thoughts about what's going on inside this tiny electronic box that's filled with a million distractions. So, I hit reset on my day. Quickly. Decided to do what needs to be done for myself and my husband to have a lovely day. 

Got up, made breakfast, the bananas were green, that's okay. Cleaned the kitchen then sat down to write to you and to myself :-) to see what might be said today. 

I see the orange glow of the sun in the distance and I think...why is my nose running? Always. Allergies. There's stuff in the air. That's all.

My goal yesterday was to learn Quickbooks. You know for finances, so, I sat down to learn, opened another program that caught my eye and decided to see if I could figure out how to do animation, just real quick, right? That happens a lot of days. I have a goal set in mind and by the end of the day I still have that goal, but I likely got sidetracked, learned a new skill, read a book, or created the next big invention (in my head). Quickbooks. Learn it Jenn! Get those foundations in order. Okay. But first. I need to write everyone a letter. And I need to make a video. And I kind of feel like taking some pictures of flowers right now.

This just popped into my head...I sat in a restaurant yesterday (side note: another current goal is to cook at home every day for every meal). So, yesterday, in this restaurant, a man on his phone. Using a headset. Making business calls. I was part of his business call, only because I could hear everything. It was very relaxing as you can imagine. Phones should be banned from restaurants just like smoking. Phones in restaurants are unhealthy. They damage relationships by keeping people from talking to the people who are actually right there in front of their face. And then some let the whole restaurant know what's up by rolling their calls for the day right there beside you while you're just trying to have some peace and quiet and enjoy some pumpkin spiced pancakes (SO GOOD! - the pancakes - NOT THE PHONE).  In between bites I learned that mister business thinks "we should pay $200 for the shipment" and some other "blah blah" and "get the whatnot out of the whosit before it this and thats". 

The sun's up. Very bright through the trees now and clearly announcing her arrival, time to get this day going. She doesn't have a phone. She, the sun. And she is the most needed, most admired, most looked at, most well known, most central part of everyone's life.                            All without a phone. 

Let's go create the day we want!


Jenn :-) 

Here's a video inspired by the restaurant phone man...